Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nintendo Papercraft

Sell your xbox to a homeless boy with no arms for 20 cents, take your playstation out in the backyard, dig a hole and bury that sucker, plant a seed where it is buried, it will grow into a tree that will look great for a year or two and then simply do nothing and occasionally say disk read error. Where I'm going with this is simple, Nintendo is the truth brother, the truth! When I finished Paper Mario I wept big manly tears of joy, you should of seen me, I was an emotional wreck for days on end.

Anyway this is a papercraft blog and here is some Nintendo papercraft for you to hug and squeeze and hold close to your heart. They even have Ness from Mother2!!!

Get it now and forever be happy.


Anonymous said...

i dont get it. where is the papercraft?

zippy said...

looks like the site is down. Keep an eye on they might fix their issue : )

Anonymous said...

its still down......i really want some nintendo papercrafts... everytime i try it aborts it

Olive said...

Go to he has a few zelda ones or better yet, i just found this!!! its awesome!!!