Thursday, June 22, 2006

Robosquare Ifbot Papercraft

From the Robosquare papercraft site...
In the last decade or more, the primary use of robots has been in the industrial sector. In the near future, robots are increasingly expected to play an important role in our daily lives. Some of these areas will include the home, workplace, search and rescue at disaster sites, work that is deemed too hazardous where a human life would be at risk. In the health care sector, taking care of patients, aiding in complex operations, and giving a feeling of comfort and ease. Robots are expected to play an important role in helping to cope with future labor shortages, in accordance with the issues of the growing low birthrate and increased longevity in society.
I am eagerly awaiting the day that I have my own robot that builds papercraft, does the dishes and level grinds in japanese roleplaying games. I'm not sure if the Ifbot does these things but he does look adorable, that's close enough for me.

You can grab a very cool papercraft of the Ifbot here

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