Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Old Disney Paper Models

There is a ton of really interesting German Disney paper models and games to be found at this site.

My favorites would have to be...

The Auto Parade. Cute old school cars!

A whole Disney Town, that looks like a happy place to live doesn't it?

and finally the Pinocchio Theater...

Disney was such a big part of my childhood, it's really nice to find all these wonderful models, there is plenty more interesting stuff to be found at the site, German certainly isn't a language I understand, but it's fun hunting around and seeing what you find!


Ushanka said...

I happen to really, really, really like the Calendar Robot. So sweeeeet.

Claudio said...

Thanks for your nice words! BTW, the site is available in english, too. Check out

Eline said...

I am looking for a winnie the pooh craft..
Do you have one?

Thanks a lot