Monday, January 28, 2008

C3PO paper model

Now you can be just like Anakin Skywalker and build your own C3PO model :) One of my favourite characters from the Star Wars universe, C3PO always seemed to be stressed about something and got dragged from one adventure to another with his various owners. A great looking C3PO paper model is available from this site.

Don’t forget to check out the homepage of this site for some more excellently constructed models to download.


moara said...


do you have another link for the C3PO model? this dont work.

moara said...


this link is broke

you have another link thats work?

I love this blog.


Anonymous said...

The artist seemed pretty angry that another person was offering as a download, so he shut his site down, or made it extremely limited download. :(

wmoecke said...

Well then, maybe now is the time for someone else who might have downloaded the model, to share it with the rest of us.

I think it is pretty selfish for an artist to withdraw his work, just because "someone has posted it somewhere else". If it was intended for free, then it is for free... otherwise, better not have posted it on the net in the first place.

Shame on him, I say.

wmoecke said...

Well, the artist has been "kind" enough to post an entire "print" of the screen with the (so-called) "offending" website (which isn't at all offending, read on further).

The website ( is merely a forum where people with common interests post their discoveries, in a very similar way as it is done here, come to think of it...

The "offending" poster says in his post that he has found a wonderful C3PO model that (sic) "has suddenly been removed, but I've managed to download it and am posting it here for those interested in building it come through no trouble".

I've downloaded it, and noticed that nothing was edited, meaning that the model's PDF is still original, and contains every mention to the original author (UHU), even the URL for the original artwork is there. So, nothing was done to harm the author in any way.

The link for downloading is located at the very end of the post (after scrolling down through all the model's images). Enjoy it with WISDOM...!