Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anime Papercraft

Some really neat and cute papercraft to be found at this site, fairly complicated but you know what they say practice makes perfect! Note to non japanese speakers like myself scroll down to the bottom of the pages and click on the link that says GIF next to it, download and enjoy!

Grab them here


CorouD said...

Nice ^________^

Anonymous said...

The page is down or no longer exists.
Sayang (Pinoy word meaning regret).

Anonymous said...

The page does still exist, just the URL has changed slightly.


the root of that website is


clicking around reveals various interesting papercraft items. Cool site, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ok its supposed to have anime papercrafts...i click on the link i get fighter jet planes...relativity???....I'm wonderin why i cant get an anime papercraft to look at. completely annoying and sad..

Anonymous said...

The link is forbidden =.=