Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Gamecube Papercraft

In my humble opinion a lot of folks slept on the gamecube this console generation, yeah it didn't have the same amount of games as the ps2 but there were some classics, Pikmin, Animal Crossing and the ever wonderful Super Smash Bros. In celebration of the grape box here's a gamecube papercraft to build and show your friends: yeah I like the gamecube, so what?

Grab it here, (scroll down and you will see the link) enjoy!


Nova said...

There's something very charming to me about how real this papercraft looks in the end. I mean, it's a simple cube, of course, but the texture detail is quite high-quality. Plus, it's practically the exact same size as an actual gamecube. I don't know, it's just fun making "fake" gamecubes XD

jackle86 said...

can I get a 1- page, no download version of this? pretty please?

spaceinvader505 said...

I cant agree with you more about the gamecube (in my opinon is 100% better than the wii!) with games like this

pikmin 1 and 2

super smash bros melee

the leggend of zelda wind waker and twilight princess

mario kart double dash!!

sonic mega collection

animal crossing

ssx tricky

super mario sunshine

ray man 3 hoodlum havoc

starfox adventures

and luigi's mansion.