Monday, May 22, 2006

Front Mission Papercraft

I love Square Enix, ok I didn't love Final Fantasy X-2, it gives me shivers just thinking about the time I did put into it but the squenix ones seem to be all about redeeming themselves lately (see dragonquest VIII) and this papercraft is for an interesting upcoming game called Front Mission 4 You can grab the very intense looking papercraft mech here which is great. My only problem was the format a .lzh file, I've seen this before, perhaps its big in Japan? who knows, after asking google about it the big G spat out this result, give it a crack kids...

Here's the link.


Rodolfo said...

Hello Zippy!

I've said that you love Square Enix, and I say that me too!

I wanna know if you ever found a FFVII papercraft, like a Cloud papercraft, did you?

By the way, I don't know if you already found this one but anyway:

Take a look at the motorcycles! You should post about it in your blog too!


zippy said...

Sadly I haven't found a Final Fantasy VII Papercraft yet Rodolfo, it will be a happy day when I do find one : )

Anonymous said...

dammit... heres the link (forgot to add it to last post