Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Subway Car Paper Model

I think this is awesome idea, a blank subway car paper model for you to download and then draw, design, bomb or just scribble away on. This would be great for Graffiti artists to practice on before they go out for the night to have a paint ; )

Don't forget to send the creators some pics of your finished model, you can grab the All City Style Blank Subway Car here

Brickboy Paper Model

Who is Brickboy?
In 1942 a young Dutch boy, working at a stone factory, fell into the brickbaking oven. He came out as a living brick! By the end of WW2 he helped Canadian liberators who named in BrickBoy. Over the years many have seen him and on this website you will find artists impressions.

Have you seen BrickBoy? Would you like to design your own Brickboy? Click the link ladies and gentlemen and enjoy : )

Final Fantasy Papercraft

The Final Fantasy series are some of the best rpgs on the market, from the NES to the Playstation 2, the games have always delivered.

The iconic game in the series would have to be Final Fantasy 7 though, it's reached cult status. The characters were great, the story was epic, the gameplay damn impressive, it blew away everybodies perceptions of what a role playing game could be when it first came out and ensured that a Playstation One was a necessary purchase.

Why not reminisce about Cloud, Aeris and crew with some awesome Final Fantasy Paper Models?

Grab them here

Monday, June 11, 2007

Starcraft Papercraft

Unless you have been living under a rock (or god forbid you don't like real time strategies) the news of Blizzard's Starcraft 2 has got to have filtered through to you by now, if you are not in the know check this link and weep for your future self because you know that this game is going to consume your life at some point when it is released. When I watched the gameplay movies I actually coughed a bit of coffee onto my keyboard, it's just that damn slick. So in celebration of Blizzard making my dreams come true I have dug up some lovely Starcraft Papercrafts.

Grab them here.

Paper Model Mech and Astroboy Papercraft

Another stunning Papercraft Mech for your collection is to be found here. Not sure which particular manga or anime it's from but the model is freaking awesome! grab it here, password is on the page...

On the same site there is a very nicely done Astroboy Papercraft for your building pleasure, grab Astro here

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Designer Paper Model

The designer paper models are coming in thick and fast today ladies and gentlemen, this time the talented Marshall Alexander informs me of his Paper Toy 'Nana' Awesome stuff keep them coming Marshall! This just confirms my suspicions that paper is the new format of choice for designer toys ; )

You can grab Nana here

Custom Paper Toys

Matt Hawkins was kind enough to let me know about his new site; He has some absolutely magnificent papercrafts to download there, it's a pretty simple premise, a new designer paper toy every month. So far we have seen Mr Robot, Uncle Bam, Tri-bunnies, Owwwl and Melvin. Check back on this site regulary people, it's all class!