Thursday, June 05, 2008

Papercraft Chess Board plus Pieces

This is a great idea - Chess pieces made out of paper. That way when someone beats you, you can set fire to their remaining pieces... no hang on that's not right. I guess I'm just not a very good loser. Grab the set here and play nicely!

There are also some other very nice models to be found on this page including this awesome Trebuchet.


-D- said...

I been looking for something like this, classic games in a papercraft version, thanks.
I love this blog.

Paper Cutter said...

What an awesome piece of paperwork! I'd much rather use paper for this than boring stuff like... Work.... :D

.§h1N. said...

Ohhh It's a long time from the last entry you had posted :( I luv this blog very much, so post more :D

Billigflüge China said...

Yeah that´s funny: burn the enemy down:) But in my eyes it´s the only advantage of paper.

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