Monday, May 26, 2008

Another cute anime papercraft

This is a nice little model for your collection, PDO file so you may want to grab the Pepakura viewer if you don't already have it. If anybody can clue me in on what this model is from that would be great!

Grab it here


kittie said...

Just wanted to say.. awesome site! I just started working on a guido (from disney& pixar cars) papercraft... and it's not going so well LOL
Anyway, thank you for all the links!

Taya said...

Her name is Rin, and she's a character from a Japanese computer program called Vocaloids. Basically it takes text and a melody that you input and creates a song out of it. She's got a twin brother named Ren.
Exciting, no?

Anonymous said...

@ Taya: Almost, Vocaloid is a Voice synthesizer program.

And her brother's name is Len.

Ash said...

aye, Kagamine Rin.

somewhere out there in the worlds of the internets there is also a Hatsune Miku papercraft that we made. Quite fun and definitely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Looks cute, but how do you download it?

Anonymous said...

This is Rin Kagamine and shes from VOCALOID.
She isnt from a anime.
It is a singing voice synthesizer program.
Its no show and its just singing/
Its a reason why Vocaloid is best because papercrafts/
Nobody released UTAU papercrafts!