Thursday, June 05, 2008

Papercraft Chess Board plus Pieces

This is a great idea - Chess pieces made out of paper. That way when someone beats you, you can set fire to their remaining pieces... no hang on that's not right. I guess I'm just not a very good loser. Grab the set here and play nicely!

There are also some other very nice models to be found on this page including this awesome Trebuchet.

Papercrafts of extreme cuteness

Haven't got your daily quota of cute yet? Need something both creative and adorable? I'm going to help you out - Go to this site and download these easy to build, and fun paper models. I'm starting with the rabbits driving cars!

Black Lagoon Papercraft

Some amazing anime/manga paper models available here - the stand out models to me are from the Black Lagoon series. Do scroll down for some more marvellous papercrafts of various weaponry, warships, planes and anime characters - they all look like PDO files : ) Enjoy.