Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello Kitty Papercraft

One of my favorite papercraft developers Paperinside has done it again with this awesome Hello Kitty Paper Model. I'm in awe to be honest, absolutely adorable. Great work dude!

You can grab them at this link and make sure you visit the Paperinside homepage for more fantastic papercraft!

Papercraft Necromancer

Are you looking for a papercraft of darkness, magic and death? A papercraft that summons the undead? Look no further, Nogunarmy has come to the rescue with a dark sided paper model that is remarkably cute. As the site says "Why not make a small shrine in front of him and leave small offerings of biscuits and cake." Hey why not?

Grab him here

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Optimus Prime Transforming Paper Model

As I was browsing through the ever wonderful Boing Boing this morning, I stumbled across this simply amazing Transforming Papercraft Optimus Prime. Its a stunning piece of work and definitely worth the download and the build. Very very cool! yah!

Grab it here Transformers Fans :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Video Game Papercraft

From the game Soul Blade comes this papercraft and it's a pretty amazing paper model if I have ever seen one! Her names Sophita and according to Namco she's an 'emotional goddess' Sounds like a few woman I know ; )

Grab it here

You can also find some more of this guys super clean paper craft at this link as well.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Advance Wars Papercraft

These have been around for a while courtesy of Ninjatoes, but they somehow slipped through the cracks here at Papercraft World. I recently purchased Advance Wars for the Nintendo DS and my memory was jogged. Awesome game, awesome papercraft, although the papercraft's were easier to complete than the game!

Grab the Papercraft here.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone Papercraft

Unless you've been living in a cave without the internet for the past couple of days, chances are you have heard about apples latest wonderful gadget the iPhone. I don't normally get excited about new technology unless I can play video games on it but this one has got me pretty amped, it's just so damn shiny!

Love or loathe the thing, it was only a matter of time (record breaking time in fact)before a paper model of the iPhone surfaced. So here it is, one straight from Gizmodo and another from Sneakmove. Cut it out, glue it up and wait for the real thing. Super-Duper!

Paper Model Mechs

Another amazing couple of Paper Models from this guy, He was responsible for this stunning papercraft, one of my personal favorites ever! He really has some superb modeling skills!

First up an awesome Mech with weapons galore, it even transforms. Nice ;) Downloadable from this link.

Next up another beautiful model thats left me speechless, it also looks like it transforms! Grab it here. Who needs to spend money on plastic models when this sort of quality is out there on the net for free?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Free 2007 Papercraft Calender

What better way to start 2007 than with a free Robot Papercraft Calender? A super stylish creation by the very clever Mark James, you can grab it here, it's the sweetest calender i've ever seen! Start your year organized and robotic. A big thanks to Tahir for the link :)

Update: It looks like the Cardboy Calender is "sold out". I'll let you know if he releases it again :)