Monday, March 19, 2007

Paper Toys

I love Vinyl Toys, sadly my wallet doesn't share the love, so it brings me much glee and delight when I find Paper Toys that are just as awesome, cute, stylised and just plain old funky as something that I would purchase from the likes of Kidrobot. does just that with a fantastic set of Papercrafts that I am proud to have adorn my desk. I particulary love the turntables!

Grab them all here and don't forget to visit this talented guy's portfolio either

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Papercraft Steak

There really is nothing like a good steak and this papercraft reflects that fact, don't have the money to buy a nice cut of beef? Haven't got time to slip down to the local market and buy a nice piece of Sirloin? No worries, download this bad boy and impress your friends with a paper model of your dream dinner. It even comes with a knife and fork!

Grab it here

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speakerdog Papercraft

A superb collection of speakerdogs for you to download, cut, glue, assemble and enjoy are available here. What is a speakerdog I hear you ask? I have no idea but damn are they cute. There is even a blank model for you to add your own designs to : )

Grab them here

Monday, March 05, 2007

Howls Moving Castle Papercraft

Could it be the most complicated papercraft ever? I'm going to say yes, it's a huge 50mb download, it's hours of fiddley papercrafting , it's days of rage at your inability to complete it without screwing it up and throwing it against the wall, it's buckets of tears as you start again with a stoney look of determination in your watery eyes.

I want it, you want it. Go get it.

English instructions here.

Clover Studios Papercraft

Clover is a wonderful game developer bringing such gems as God Hand, Okami and the Viewtiful Joe series to the world. Like any self-respecting Japanese game development company they of course have some magnificent papercraft available to download from their site.

Go grab some now!