Friday, March 14, 2008

SD Gundam Papercrafts

O.K. these babies aren't free. They are going to cost you 19 dollars or so each - paid through Paypal... But you have to admit even for 19 dollars it's still worth it right? That's a damn good looking Gundam paper model! One more bonus is that they come with an instruction manual - not many papercrafts at this level of complexity do that. If anyone does buy one let me know how it goes :)

Check them out here... and find the shop on this page if you are interested.

Totoro Papercraft Plus!

My Neighbour Totoro is a film created by Hayao Miyazaki and the team of Studio Ghibli - the same people who created Princess Mononoke and the Academy Award winning Spirited Away anime. Created in 1988 it went on to win the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize. A very cool movie full of amazing characters and just like Princess Monoke and Spirited Away - it's a must see no matter how old you are.

You can grab a Totoro Papercraft here (PDF). And don't forget to visit the authors page for some more impressive paper models.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More cute anime papercrafts

I've featured this papercraft artist before but the goodness just keeps coming :) All PDO files and a pretty full on build, so not for the weak of heart. Check out the older ones here and the new one here! Very nice work indeed.

Ceiling Cat Papercraft

It's a wonderful day indeed when your favorite Lolcat is transformed into a papercraft -it's also a strange day when you write the previous sentence and it makes sense :) strangely awesome! You rock tubby paws! I am so going to make this and stick it my roof.

Grab it here - and for reference here's a link to the original and to this day laugh out loud Ceiling Cat.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Papercraft Guy Fawkes Mask

There is an excellent paper model of a Guy Fawkes Mask or as you may know it; that awesome mask from V for Vendetta. It's available from this site and is useful in many different situations ; ) A great movie deserves a great papercraft and this one certainly matches that criteria.

Grab it here

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Show Off Your Papercraft Collection

As you may have noticed in my last post there is over 180 papercrafts on this site - that's over 180 different paper models that you can download and build yourself! Not only that there are plenty more fantastic papercrafts out there on the net that I am yet to find, plus other wonderful papercraft blogs such as That's a whole lot of papercrafting... So there must be some tremendous papercraft collections out there right? Well I want to see them :) If you have an amazing collection of papercrafts, grab your digital camera and snap a shot of it - I'll feature the best collections in a special post - Papercraft fame can be yours! Email your pictures to me at: and many thanks in advance for your submissions!

Blast From the Papercraft Past

Wow! - Papercraft World has over 180 posts under it's blogging belt! That's a lot of papercraft, I spent a bit of time going back over some of my favorite blog posts and decided to create this blast from the past post. It's by means a definitive 'best of' papercraft list but there's a few forgotten gems in there!

Robot Papercrafts One
Robot Papercrafts Two
Papercraft Rabbit
Papercraft Cats
Moogle Papercraft
Star Wars Papercraft One
Star Wars Papercraft Two
Gundam Papercraft
Katamari Papercraft
Street Fighter Papercraft
Disney Paper Models
Papercraft of Planets
Cubic Characters
Advance Wars
Namco Papercraft

Phew! There's a few to keep you going!

Tetris Papercraft Plus!

A few nice little papercrafts are to be found over at Paper 2.0 - my favorite has to be the Tetris blocks, that game has wasted so many hours of my life it is truly frightening! Head on over to Paper 2.0 and grab those Tetris blocks and more Mario papercrafts for your collection.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Easter Papercraft - Mario

With Easter not all that far away, it's time to start thinking about Easter Papercrafts :) And what could be better than combining Easter with everyone's favorite Nintendo character: Mario. Very Cute. Grab it here