Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blast From the Papercraft Past

Wow! - Papercraft World has over 180 posts under it's blogging belt! That's a lot of papercraft, I spent a bit of time going back over some of my favorite blog posts and decided to create this blast from the past post. It's by means a definitive 'best of' papercraft list but there's a few forgotten gems in there!

Robot Papercrafts One
Robot Papercrafts Two
Papercraft Rabbit
Papercraft Cats
Moogle Papercraft
Star Wars Papercraft One
Star Wars Papercraft Two
Gundam Papercraft
Katamari Papercraft
Street Fighter Papercraft
Disney Paper Models
Papercraft of Planets
Cubic Characters
Advance Wars
Namco Papercraft

Phew! There's a few to keep you going!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome list. Thanks.
Now, if I could only read Japanese...