Monday, March 05, 2007

Howls Moving Castle Papercraft

Could it be the most complicated papercraft ever? I'm going to say yes, it's a huge 50mb download, it's hours of fiddley papercrafting , it's days of rage at your inability to complete it without screwing it up and throwing it against the wall, it's buckets of tears as you start again with a stoney look of determination in your watery eyes.

I want it, you want it. Go get it.

English instructions here.


Jonathan said...

I have built this papercraft model. It is freaking amazing. It took me two or three hours a night over a week. Totally worth it. I may make another, for myself this time.

Owain said...

wow looks amazing, maybe not one for a first timer like me to try ;D

shane said...

im working on this one as my second papercraft ever but i really need a beter translation does anytone have a link to a more detailed english translation or a more easly understood translation

please email me a link or post it here

Anonymous said...

I am just working om my model. A few hours every night last week. The only thing I missed here is more pictures of how to put it together. But it is a great model. It is..
Comments or any questions about any papermodels could be sent to me at hokenstrom at if you like.

Tord, Sweden

Aoimizu said...

Wow.... GREAT!!! Really love it.

Aoimizu said...

Wow.... GREAT!!! Really love it.