Monday, May 21, 2007

Domokun Papercraft

What is Domo-kun? Why is Domo-kun? Why do I want a Domo-kun Papercraft? All these questions and more can be answered by this video:

Ok maybe that didnt answer anything at all and in fact created many more questions? give the Wikipedia a crack if you are still confused. Once you feel happy that your understanding of Dom-kun is up to scratch go and download the papercraft. Go on I know you want to.

Update! Link is back up and running!

Do you love Domokun as much as I do?


The Download Munkey said...

I like Domokun ... although I much prefer a Domokun plushie :)

The papercraft version is nice but doesn't indicate the exact position to glue the arms :(

zippy said...

I just glue the arms wherever I want to Download Munkey, watch that video, Domukuns a flexible dude :P

Alicia said...

Link is dead :(

Angel Rodriguez Leon said...

buu links is death pls send somebody a new link =P

zippy said...

Link is operational again. Awesome.