Monday, December 17, 2007

Bunny Girl Papercraft Model

This is a pretty cute looking papercraft of a Bunny Girl - we all love Bunny Girls right? Possibly first inspired by Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunnys, Japan has taken the concept and run with it, Japanese Bunny Girls seem to show up all over the place - from games to anime - Bunny girls for the win.

Grab the model here (down the bottom of the page you will find some links to gif files and a PDO file).

Don't forget to check the authors homepage for some more remarkable models.

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chimerastone said...

Can't remember if it was this blog of another. I left a comment about ichiyama papercraft models. Well, I managed to tackle the crested gecko and turns out it was easier than I thought. The photo was no help at all, if all the parts were followed in numerical orders, the answers will review itself. Papercrafting is still kind of new to me but able to tackle advance model including the Howl's moving castle. My printer won't like me for this.
I found some site if interest such as raspera for rasterized models. Only the samples are free, all the rest you have to pay to get a password to open and view the pdf.
And this one. Has a gallery of simple and advance models, the non functioning links are crossed out. Oh and this other gallery. It's a bit of a hit and miss on the links. Mostly animals models.

I have a bit of a request which Gundam model do you recommend?
Any chance you can find a decent fox and ufo model? I have searched via google and found nothing decent. It's either simple or not worth making.

Maybe sometime in the future I'll upload all the papercraft models I made so far, it's much cheaper than buying figurines and saves waiting for import orders to arrive.