Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paper Models of Transformers

Although I really enjoyed the recent Transformers movie on the big screen, after watching it again on DVD I couldn't help feel somewhat disillusioned by Hollywood's treatment of an eighties classic, what if they had kept things simple like the good ol' days? Where's Soundwave! Where's Megatron turning into a freaking handgun? In desperation for nostalgia, I went in hunt of some Transformers papercrafts that represented the true school of Transformers and oh boy did I hit the motherload! You can check them out here, a truly impressive collection of Paper Transformers - Let's hope there is even more to come, I can only imagine the possibilities!

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Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea where to find coloured cardstock like that? All I can find other than white in my area is pastel colours