Sunday, September 07, 2008

Can the Howls Moving Castle Papercraft be completed?

Howl's Moving Castle from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

Can the Howls Moving Castle Papercraft be completed? The answer is yes! Check out this great video to see it in action.

Check this link for some great tips on how he did it.


krakit said...

Wow! that was awesome!
what patience and
dedication it took to
make it and to do such
a great job on it.

Excellent video!

maynor cifuentes said...

WOW¡¡¡ Incredible a whole day just for that reason, this crazy good haria but what I like a lot of days over what they were wearing the good but the best chau visit my blog

Markus said...

excellent work!

Anonymous said...

please call me, I am looking for someone to design some papercraft units for an ad campaign. Isaac 714.381.3419

ur awsome said...

man u r awsome,... so much time and the result was amazing!!!

andrew P said...

hey hata nice job!.. i was wondering if u can help me to solve some doubdts about how to design a paperctaft model... can you tell me if thers a manual or tutorial for the pepakura designer? thank u