Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amazing Bumblebee Model

I'm not normally one to post a model that you my dear reader can not download and build yourself, but occasionally I come across something so special I've simply got to share and this papercraft definitely falls into the special category. Whats great about this page is that you can see the entire process of the model's creation from start to finish. Awesome and very inspiring!

Check it out


Brad Gravett said...

Wow, what a great model. I'm also sad that he couldn't make a pattern for reproducing, but they way he uses chopsticks and button snaps (!) are very creative. I think he's pushing the envelope a bit with ideas like those.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I found this I rushed over here to alert you to this awesome find and see that you posted it already months ago.

I need to come here more often!

That kind of craftsmanship makes me want to chop off my fingers in shame.... ;)