Monday, August 13, 2007

Ren and Stimpy Paper Model

Well to be precise it's just a Ren Hoek paper model :) but oh man is it sweet! If I had to list my top ten shows of all time, Ren and Stimpy would be well up there. A quick search on youtube reminds me why!

You can download the angry little Chihauhau from this link


Bryan Rollins said...

FINALLY! i been waitin on this for almost a year

Exlpore Wisdom said...

Hai .I am a new one to your blog.

Your blog is interesting. I am going to visit your blog regularly.

PerV. said...

WOW my friend! Your blog is just Damn Cool!!!!!


p.s. If you have or know where can I grab macross models in robot (Battroid) mode, please tell me, I only found in fighter mode.

Thanks in advance!!!

This is my e-mail:

Anonymous said...


More models are abailabre in